Gay Massage Hotel Visits Manchester

Are you visiting Manchester and want to experience our famous gay massage service? Why not book us to visit you in your Manchester City Centre hotel for a relaxing male massage carried out from the comfort of your hotel bed?

Having the service carried out on your city hotel bed means that once the relaxing massage service has finished, you can maintain the chilled zone that we have taken you to, without having to then face the busy Manchester city centre streets in your newly found relaxed place.

Don’t be concerned about receiving a guest to your hotel room, we have visited most of Manchester City Centre hotels for a massage outcall and are yet to have any issues.

We recommend preparing for your male to male massage by

  • Requesting an additional towel to place on the bed – our guys are careful not to get oil onto your hotel bed covers but best to be prepared with a towel just in case
  • Set the mood with lighting – most hotels have so many lighting options – prepare for your relaxing naturist massage by setting the lighting as to your preferences. Some like it nice and dim for a relaxing vibe, whereas, others prepare full lighting so you can admire your male massage guys physique.
  • Note – if your massage guy can get to your hotel room without a keycard – text them the room number, if not, arrange a place in the hotel that is fairly discreet to meet such as the bar, or a floor that can be reached without a keycard (gym/conference room etc)

Having a naturist sensual massage from your hotel bed is a wonderful experience and is completely different from that in a massage room or studio.

Please note this is strictly one on one  – no other people are allowed to be present in the room.